There’s something beautiful…

There is something beautiful about baring your soul. It’s therapeutic.

I did not realize how much I would like Instagram and this blog when I started them. I post pictures and posters on my IG account and I talk about my feelings. I never get ridiculed or told I’m ridiculous for my feelings. I do get understanding and I do get others who feel the same way.

When I started this I started it to feel a connection. I was drowning. Literally drowning in my pain and thoughts and I could not get out. Therapy is too much money and time. Yes, I’m on medication. I spend a lot of money a month on my medications. I see a Nurse Practitioner who prescribes me my medication each month. But I needed more help than just medicine. I needed to meet other people with Bipolar to know that I wasn’t the only person who felt this way. Who had these thoughts. Who acted this way. I needed to meet like minded people. I was desperate. I was ready to admit myself I was so desperate.

In a way, this blog and IG saved me. I’m not doing anything spectacular with is, but it’s my own personal therapy. My own vent. My own live journals. I don’t know who reads my words or looks at my pictures. I don’t know if you have Bipolar or depression or if you don’t have a mental illness at all. But for some reason, you reading my words is making me better.

You are aiding in my recovery.

So, thank you.

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