May Mental Health Awareness Month

May was Mental Health Awareness Month.

As someone who has suffered with mental illness for the past 18 years I love to see the hashtag #BreakTheStigma. For 18 years I’ve had a stigma following me. I’ve been the depressed one. The emotional one. The tired one. The moody one. The one who’s never hungry. All this time I’ve been bipolar and no one knows because I don’t want the stereotypes. I don’t want the judges. I don’t want the pity and weird thoughts. I rather people just think I’m lazy.

With having a whole month dedicated to informing people, I’d love to shout from the roof tops that I’m Bipolar and let’s chat. But honestly I’m scared. I know people would understand me better if they knew. But it’s scary coming out with something people think so badly of.

My only issue with this, and it may come off as offensive, right at this moment everyone is supporting mental health. Everyone’s checking up on their friends, seeing them, posting nice positive helpful things. What happens next month? What happens next month when everyone forgets again? Maybe it’s bratty of me, but the attention is needed. Feeling so lonely all the time is miserable. When my friends reach out it changes my entire mood and day around. It makes me feel the happiness that I can’t sometimes get on my own. I feel cherished and loved instead of lonely and isolated. I love the idea of this Month. I love the sharing of facts and statistics. I love the fact that it’s all over social media.

My hope for Mental Health Awareness Month is that it truly raises awareness for the ones suffering tremendously daily. I hope it shows the world the true sides of mental illness. I hope it shows my fellow sufferers that it’s okay and needed to reach out for help. There is alway help! I hope it shows non sufferers to not judge and to be understanding so that we can come out of hiding.

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