I splurged and bought a laptop

I splurged and bought a laptop…

I always splurge on things.

I call it a side effect from having bipolar.

But never splurge on things as outrageous and expensive as a laptop!
I’m pretty excited about it though as I could really get this blog up and running now. It should be here Friday. My Instagram account is up and doing pretty good. It feels pretty amazing to share my life with others who are feeling the same way.

My book blog was pretty successful. I would Beta read for authors, review their books, blog about their books, do a spot light day about the author. It really took off until I had to start working full time then it all came to a halt. I couldn’t keep up with it anymore.

Now, I’m pretty excited to get this blog off the ground and running. To share my life… the amazing, the terrible, and the down right sad.

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